Meet your new friend, Kürzi

Hi there! Kürzi is so excited to meet you. In fact, so excited that Kürzi dusted Kürzi's floofy self to Kürzi’s very best. Kürzi is a happy dustball, but Kürzi gets cranky if Kürzi doesn’t sleep enough, is fed unhealthy foods, or sits all day like a couch potato. This guide is meant to show you how to take proper care of Kürzi, play together with Kürzi to the fullest, and learn new things about Kürzi’s and your health. Click on getting started to see a walkthrough of Kürzi’s hardware and gameplay.


Kürzi is a small STEM/STEAM device with a built-in game that a player, or student, interacts with and may carry around with them during the day. Kürzi is designed to help students learn how to make healthy decisions in relation to diet, physical activity, and mental health through fun game play on the device, while they tend to their Kürzi creature.

Kürzi will also help students learn more about healthcare positions through in-game doctor visits for their creature. During these in-game doctor visits students will be able to measure their own basic vital signs, like heart rate, using sensors built into the device.

Our curriculum partners, led by nationally known STEM/STEAM curriculum designer Dr. Robert Horton, have designed lesson plans based on the CDC Healthy Schools National Health Education Standards around Kürzi that will fit into your existing 7-8th grade health classes.


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